Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Aux petits airs de Provence…
During this delighting month of August I took a break to go back to my roots... Which means France! Its such a different culture, a different lifestyle, a different vibe... And of course a different sense of style!
 These pictures were taken in the South of France (Provence) during the Monday market. In this market you could find everything from food (delicious cheese and saucisson) to jewellery, clothes and random articles.
We can see that the colorful prints haven't gone away for this summer! I feel like those market baskets can be taken the high fashion way which the LUXE label CHANEL has done, paying tribute to this traditional french bag.
Other GEANTS DE LA MODE like TORY BURCH and HERMES have also immortalized the straw bag in their collections.
Nonetheless stylish Icons Alexa Chung and Kate Moss each interpret the trend their own way. Alexa shows how baskets can be ultra chic and fashionable (wonder how much that piece of straw costs) while Kate Moss uses the trend in more of a practical way totally blending with her rockish-boho style that makes her trademark.
The south of France has it's markets(it's baskets) but what about the stylish youth? I visited a city called Montpellier, although it was in the middle of vacation, I was not disapointed.

The immaculate artist look: hat, ray-ban, beard, half-done-up-loose-romper with his sketches. This guy isn't dressing like an artist, he probably really is one... Note that there is a new trend in the air for Guys: BEARDS. I think it's a great hit, sexy but not to much it's like a statement, it makes the outfit and the person?

Thursday, 4 August 2011

When your walking down the streets that could be Toronto, Paris, New York, Tunis... there is always (if your lucky) some interesting people wearing some interesting outfits. Dressing up isn't necessarily a reflection of your personality, sometimes it might express what you would like people to perceive you as, or maybe someone that you which you could be or none of the above... some people just don't care what they wear... (it's a shame but hey, everyone has their own passions).
The dress on it's own could have belonged to somebody's grandma but this is what the magic of vintage and great style does to you: with matching red converse and sunglasses this young lady brings back the dress to the 21rst century with swag.
An amazing festive and colorful atmosphere was at the rendez-vous for this year's 2011 Caribana Festival in Toronto.
A cute and easy outfit. I was drawn to those oversized striped shorts. They make the outfit happen paired with a slim brown belt. Adorrrable!
When I snapped a shoot of this city girl, I really thought it was a great and again, comfortable easy outfit. Let's just say that the pink/red lipstick brings this casual attire to another level. But I then came to notice the brown bag that another girl was wearing on the background of the photo. Nice bag probably my favorite thing in this picture.