Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fashion Obsession:
Jeffrey Campbell
I recently discovered "Lita", the shoe from Jeffrey Campbell ( better late then never) and fell completely and utterly head over heels for the boot. 

Described as a "small family owned fashion forward footwear label", the Jeffrey Campbell shoes have been seen, worn, bought and talked about all over the globe.
The shape is a bit eccentric and comes in every color, pattern and texture. It's the new Vintage street wear "Louboutin". The chunky boots definitely have the power of making anyone look tall and lean. They are so many amazing models... How can we choose? This is the kind of shoe where you buy 5 pair of the same model in 5 different colors...Should our wallets be worried?

With a long skirt, chunky socks or again simple jeans, this shoe makes any outfit look FIERCE.

Fashion Inspiration: 
Abbey Lee Kershaw 
Abbey Lee Kershaw is an Australian Model who has literally been seen everywhere from New York and Paris Fashionweeks to campaigns for Tom Ford, Chanel, Clavin Klein and Versace.

I love this girl not because of how famous and adored by designers she is, but because of her personal style! She has such a unique grove, perfectly channeling the boho-hippie vibe, looking incredible wherever she goes. From caramel to bleach blond hair, this model is forever making a lot of fashion lovers jealous with envy over her amazing style.
WOOLALA!! I am lost for words on this checkered Fur coat!! I mean, have you ever seen anything like this before? Pairing it with dark green, burgundy and black tones, two words: Ultra-Fashionable. And this Fendi Satchel? Abbey definitely learned a few tricks from the big fashion moguls of this world.

I love that Abbey pulls off an outfit wearing the same coat and bag. She's not one of those celebrities who only wears an outfit once! If you truly know how to style yourself than you know how to wear the same items in different ways! I love the printed leggings (I think they're from HM?) with the light blue boots. And those maxi skirts with black boots look like the perfect item to wear!!
Now this is what I call a Fashion couple. The pair looks incredible, each in their own style without doing the whole matchy matchy thing that couples do. Musician Matthew Hutchinson is probably one of the only guys who I've seen wear polka dots in a fashionable way, and Abbey's boho mix of dark yellow, denim and black just works like perfection.
It's so much more easier to dress in the fall because you have so much choice with sweaters, layering, tights, pants... But Abbey carries her classic black boots through all seasons. Looking ultra trendy in a white shirt and denim skirt or in a gorgeous blue dress. Terrible influence.... I feel like going shopping Vintage right now...
I can't stop saying it but it's undeniably true: her style is sooo COOL. She manages to match the seemingly unmatchable items daring to try things that people normally wouldn't wear together. I think that this is definitely a new trend: MATCHING THE UNMATCHABLE!!! By the way these Chanel cuffs are so artsy...follow the trend, wear it with anything...

Friday, 22 July 2011

Miu Miu has a new face!! And to complement the artsy and creative brand we have no one other than the new and fresh actress Hailee Steinfeld!!
The actress embodies the vintage hipster and casual cool look that the brand is going for. I personally think that this choice of look is great for the fashion house. The campaign ads are well put together showing that you ca still be cool and look good (and comfortable) ANYWHERE.  I think that pairing white socks underneath high heeled sandals is a great idea, but make sure to be wearing heels or else you might look more grandma than stylish... 
 Wait but it's not the socks, it's an actual shoe isn't it? The socks still look fabulous on sandals, and the fake sandal/sock shoe at miu miu is cool. I like the curved shape in the heel.
The trend goes as far as wearing sandals with colored socks!! Surely we could push to printed socks, no? It's worth a try...
I love the pink and gold on those amazing looking shoes! I'm all about the shoes for this Miu Miu Collection!
Such an artsy, vibrant Fashion!! Now it's up to the fashion lovers to pull it off and blend the trends to their own style

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Paris Haute Couture F/W 2011 FAVOURITES Part III

Azzedine Alaïa
For his first Haute Couture show at Paris Fashionweek designer Azzedine Alaia truly showed the public of what he is capable off. Finally a designer with a new and different point of view that has not already been seen or expressed anywhere else.
I really like the Velvet and Burgundy color. I feel like velvet is a front runner for the fall/winter trends. Anyways, trend or not I will still have something velvet! After all what's in it for fashion if you can't be adventurous in your style and your looks? It's fun to follow trends but it's even better when you make your own...
I really like this ruffled dress (or skirt?).  It's almost like the Valentino ones seen on previous runways but not quite. I like the idea of parring the  ruffles with a mini crocodile-like jacket. The elegant and hip look is so hard to find in a single outfit but Alaia did it well.
Adorable little winter dress. Cool collar with mini buttons and the gold/silver print on the burgundy background, so cute! I don't know if you can notice but the silver/white platform on the booties is MAJOR major new trend alert! I LOVE IT!

Paris Haute Couture F/W 2011 FAVOURITES Part II

Giambattista Valli
Giambattista Valli really impressed me for this collection. They were versatile in their choices of colors, structure and fabrics while still maintaining a cohesive ensemble.
 I am in complete adoration of the gold feather belt. It really changes everything saving us from a too much white or too much pink outfit. I would say that this element makes the whole outfit stylish and trendy.
Orange/red is the "must have" color off the season. It could work perfectly as a skirt or mini dress with opaque gray tights!
I feel like I have seen these looks and colors on the runway before, most likely chez Chanel... The pencil skirt is my favorite, these looks are definitely more mature and womanly. I guess I am just tired of seeing the same cuts and looks, I think we need change...Aren't you tired of always seeing the same things?
This is better but again, the leopard prints have already been seen and worn and the feathers is a déjà vu at McQueen. The structure of the dress looks good on the runway and particularly on this model but would you really wear this at an event?

Friday, 15 July 2011

This outfit is so hip; First let me point out that the shoes are to die for. I have never seen this nude boot model with the black tip and laces..AMAZING. And these long fringed pink shorts with a studded mini sleeveless jean jacket on top of a simple gray T-shirt (Catching my breath) just WICKED! This is what I call creative fashion thinking... This looks different from anything else I've seen because no one has thought of putting an outfit together like that..BRAVO!!
While I was at the Jazz Festival in Montreal, I spotted this gorgeous summer hat. And as I was standing right behind the phenomenon I snapped a shot with the stage as a background... I don't know, but I just LOVE this picture (and this HAT).
I kind of like this outfit for a guy because it's yet to be simple with 2 different grey tones in a Vneck and bermuda but paired with the right shoes and accessories, it makes a casual and trendy outfit.
This guy was smart by adding brown finishing touches with the Ray-Bans, the cool Moccasins, the Belt and the watch.
 This is a cool look: It would be too Black&White if the Gold belt wasn't there with the red hair. Yes, I'm liking this Gold Belt thing going on that has also been seen at the Fall/Winter Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Show (Coming up in the Paris Haute Couture FAVOURITES series).
 This is such a great HIT! This printed Tunic with white,green and red accents looks FANTABULOUS!!! My only suggestions would be that I probably wouldn't have chosen to wear those shoes with this tunic. A white pair of sandals or heels would have done the trick.
If your wearing a massive statement necklace and you don't know what to wear with it, coordinate your clothes to the colors of your Necklace and you can work it out from there!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Paris Haute Couture F/W 2011 FAVOURITES

I definitely had my favorite shows during this amazing Haute Couture FashionWeek dans Paris. Of course there are definitely some things that I wouldn't wear everyday but that is what Haute Couture is all about isn't it?  Everything speaks creativity, artwork, skill, trend creator, fabrics, ideas.... And I personally handpicked the designers that I thought expressed this form of art to their very best... to my taste of course.
 With no hesitation would I say that the Dior House stood out from the Haute Couture shows in Paris.  Colours, colours, colours!! An impressive young and playful collection diverging from the heavy feathers, and morn colors that some fashion houses can't seem to dispatch themselves from.

I don't know about you, but this collection just makes me want to smile. Pastels with black and white is so funky and certainly not a messy combination. I believe that for the upcoming Fall/Winter season, we should act like artists in our wardrobes; matching and layering colors that you normally would never put together and just being creative in what you wear.  Let's start to be adventurous, getting excited by the possible danger....
An array of colors in this beautiful gown. One word: Fabulous!
J'adore, J'adore,J'adoooore the white gown with the pleated bits in a fashionable disorder organized with a beaded fringe top. Just..J'adore.

 This collection could have turned out hideous with so much going on... But its character is what makes it's charm. It's soo refreshing to see something different.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Paris Haute Couture Fashionweek 2011 F/W PART III

Givenchy presented an angelic collection for Fall/Winter 2011. You probably must need some sort of supernatural power or gift to come up with such a pure, gorgeous Haute Couture collection...

This is pretty, my favorite part of the outfit would probably be the boots and the hat. This outfit is too classic Chanel for me. I feel like the fashion house needs too change it up a bit and challenge the traditional Chanel look... Give some youth to the brand...
I like these looks better, making the suit an evening gown with a mermaidesque finishing touch, quite elegant and well thought off. Again with the classic black and white. Isn't Haute Couture about taking a little risk? Being Avant-Garde? I guess that Chanel's clients aren't as adventurous in their wardrobe as I am...

Monday, 11 July 2011

Paris Haute Couture Fashionweek 2011 F/W PART II

Maximme Simmoens

I really like the detailed embroidery on the jacket and the pants. Nude and gold is a great color combination. I am not so much a fan of the sandals, perhaps a pair of booties in a bold highlighted color could have made a better statement?

Alexis Mabille

The fur sleeves  is a bold move, providing this already elegant dress with a powerful character. Quite intimidating... and certainly sexy!
I like the idea of paring the yellow tights with this beautiful silver tunic. Although I would rather wear this dress with my hair down and no feathers, saving myself from going completely Peter-Pan!

The outfit on the left is just too much Black. I really like how it started at the top, and I believe this dress would be way cooler if the bottom was in a hot color or in a different material.
The dress on the right is my favorite outfit of this entire collection. Long fringe with a metallic accent, true Couture!
Christophe Josse

There were some really beautiful pieces in this collection. I personally adore the black feathered top dress. Really well done, I like that the bottom is uneven, not perfectly made, it gives a sort of savage and dark edge to it. And the white floral jacket is absolutely adorable! There is something quite intriguing with the theme of this collection, you can sense some dark wilderness but toned down in a refined and elegant manner.
Stephane Rolland

Now this is ce que j'appelle de la Haute Couture! 
There really aren't many words to describe this dress. I can't even begin to imagine the kind of work that went behind this creation. So impeccably detailed and structured...Everything in this dress is different; from the shape to the texture, you simply cannot take your eyes of it!! Amazing, Superbe!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Paris Haute Couture Fashionweek 2011 F/W

Paris Fall/winter Haute Couture Fahionweek 2011/2012

Paris Fashionweek has arrived! From July 4-7 it was an array of colours, fabrics, gowns, skirts, feathers and all the components of an Haute Couture show in this 2011 generation. There were some surprises, some deceptions but above all, there was fashion! Talented designers vowed to demonstrate their talent, vision and art in this Fall/winter 2011 Haute Couture Show.

Giorgio Armani Privé
 The atmosphere was in the TRES chic elegant oriental mode. An original theme, well thought of and executed. My favorite outfit is the long sequined skirt with the orange "corset". I love the colour mix, it's new, fresh and you just want to wear it! I am not a big fan of the other looks with the floral japonese-esque patterns but I guess it's just my North American background kicking in. This collection is so unexpected and new, I will probably end up by loving it, just give it some time!

Designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli went romantic for this Valentino Haute Couture Collection. Pairing nude with gold accents and transparent flowy dresses comes straight from the delicate and romantic kingdom of dreams.  
 The Valentino crew also shows that Black can also be romantic and soft with velvet and East European inspired patterns. I really like this black turnaround, giving a new attribute to the usually hard and edgy look that is given to black.
 And of course what best to close the show with the everlasting Valentino red dress!

Alex Vauthier
Red is Hot for the summer!

And you know what the best part is?

It’s also hot for the winter!!

In an entire Red collection Alex Vauthier pays tribute to this flamboyant color with bathing suits, dresses, rompers and fur. You truly can’t get enough of the RED