Monday, 11 July 2011

Paris Haute Couture Fashionweek 2011 F/W PART II

Maximme Simmoens

I really like the detailed embroidery on the jacket and the pants. Nude and gold is a great color combination. I am not so much a fan of the sandals, perhaps a pair of booties in a bold highlighted color could have made a better statement?

Alexis Mabille

The fur sleeves  is a bold move, providing this already elegant dress with a powerful character. Quite intimidating... and certainly sexy!
I like the idea of paring the yellow tights with this beautiful silver tunic. Although I would rather wear this dress with my hair down and no feathers, saving myself from going completely Peter-Pan!

The outfit on the left is just too much Black. I really like how it started at the top, and I believe this dress would be way cooler if the bottom was in a hot color or in a different material.
The dress on the right is my favorite outfit of this entire collection. Long fringe with a metallic accent, true Couture!
Christophe Josse

There were some really beautiful pieces in this collection. I personally adore the black feathered top dress. Really well done, I like that the bottom is uneven, not perfectly made, it gives a sort of savage and dark edge to it. And the white floral jacket is absolutely adorable! There is something quite intriguing with the theme of this collection, you can sense some dark wilderness but toned down in a refined and elegant manner.
Stephane Rolland

Now this is ce que j'appelle de la Haute Couture! 
There really aren't many words to describe this dress. I can't even begin to imagine the kind of work that went behind this creation. So impeccably detailed and structured...Everything in this dress is different; from the shape to the texture, you simply cannot take your eyes of it!! Amazing, Superbe!

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