Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Paris Haute Couture F/W 2011 FAVOURITES

I definitely had my favorite shows during this amazing Haute Couture FashionWeek dans Paris. Of course there are definitely some things that I wouldn't wear everyday but that is what Haute Couture is all about isn't it?  Everything speaks creativity, artwork, skill, trend creator, fabrics, ideas.... And I personally handpicked the designers that I thought expressed this form of art to their very best... to my taste of course.
 With no hesitation would I say that the Dior House stood out from the Haute Couture shows in Paris.  Colours, colours, colours!! An impressive young and playful collection diverging from the heavy feathers, and morn colors that some fashion houses can't seem to dispatch themselves from.

I don't know about you, but this collection just makes me want to smile. Pastels with black and white is so funky and certainly not a messy combination. I believe that for the upcoming Fall/Winter season, we should act like artists in our wardrobes; matching and layering colors that you normally would never put together and just being creative in what you wear.  Let's start to be adventurous, getting excited by the possible danger....
An array of colors in this beautiful gown. One word: Fabulous!
J'adore, J'adore,J'adoooore the white gown with the pleated bits in a fashionable disorder organized with a beaded fringe top. Just..J'adore.

 This collection could have turned out hideous with so much going on... But its character is what makes it's charm. It's soo refreshing to see something different.

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