Friday, 22 July 2011

Miu Miu has a new face!! And to complement the artsy and creative brand we have no one other than the new and fresh actress Hailee Steinfeld!!
The actress embodies the vintage hipster and casual cool look that the brand is going for. I personally think that this choice of look is great for the fashion house. The campaign ads are well put together showing that you ca still be cool and look good (and comfortable) ANYWHERE.  I think that pairing white socks underneath high heeled sandals is a great idea, but make sure to be wearing heels or else you might look more grandma than stylish... 
 Wait but it's not the socks, it's an actual shoe isn't it? The socks still look fabulous on sandals, and the fake sandal/sock shoe at miu miu is cool. I like the curved shape in the heel.
The trend goes as far as wearing sandals with colored socks!! Surely we could push to printed socks, no? It's worth a try...
I love the pink and gold on those amazing looking shoes! I'm all about the shoes for this Miu Miu Collection!
Such an artsy, vibrant Fashion!! Now it's up to the fashion lovers to pull it off and blend the trends to their own style

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