Saturday, 2 July 2011

Montreal in July is euphoric!!! Preceding the Saint- Jean Celebration, there is the Jazz Festival and it's wild!! In a festive atmosphere, every one is celebrating down the streets in downtown Montreal with jazz concerts and artistic shows! I took a few shots of some fashionable montrealers... We can always learn a few tips from the french city!
This is such a trendsetter alert! Mixing denim with denim and making it look good, that's a though one.. But this city girl did it right! Making laces a belt is a smart choice, breaking down the jean factor!
I like how pairing a black blazer and shades with a cute little floral skirt turns an outfit around making it look fashion forward versus playing it cute and safe.
Black is definitely the perfect gap filler to every outfit: with a sleeveless jean blazer, high waisted funky checkered pants and a brown sachel!
French poet look going on similar to the COSTUME NATIONAL 2011 Milano Spring/Summer 2012 look. I love the vintage brown sachel to diversify from the black/white/grey outfit.
I love the Balmain inspired jacket! And those brown lace-up shoes, a great outfit, mixing all the right trends together.

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