Friday, 15 July 2011

This outfit is so hip; First let me point out that the shoes are to die for. I have never seen this nude boot model with the black tip and laces..AMAZING. And these long fringed pink shorts with a studded mini sleeveless jean jacket on top of a simple gray T-shirt (Catching my breath) just WICKED! This is what I call creative fashion thinking... This looks different from anything else I've seen because no one has thought of putting an outfit together like that..BRAVO!!
While I was at the Jazz Festival in Montreal, I spotted this gorgeous summer hat. And as I was standing right behind the phenomenon I snapped a shot with the stage as a background... I don't know, but I just LOVE this picture (and this HAT).
I kind of like this outfit for a guy because it's yet to be simple with 2 different grey tones in a Vneck and bermuda but paired with the right shoes and accessories, it makes a casual and trendy outfit.
This guy was smart by adding brown finishing touches with the Ray-Bans, the cool Moccasins, the Belt and the watch.
 This is a cool look: It would be too Black&White if the Gold belt wasn't there with the red hair. Yes, I'm liking this Gold Belt thing going on that has also been seen at the Fall/Winter Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Show (Coming up in the Paris Haute Couture FAVOURITES series).
 This is such a great HIT! This printed Tunic with white,green and red accents looks FANTABULOUS!!! My only suggestions would be that I probably wouldn't have chosen to wear those shoes with this tunic. A white pair of sandals or heels would have done the trick.
If your wearing a massive statement necklace and you don't know what to wear with it, coordinate your clothes to the colors of your Necklace and you can work it out from there!

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