Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fashion Inspiration: 
Abbey Lee Kershaw 
Abbey Lee Kershaw is an Australian Model who has literally been seen everywhere from New York and Paris Fashionweeks to campaigns for Tom Ford, Chanel, Clavin Klein and Versace.

I love this girl not because of how famous and adored by designers she is, but because of her personal style! She has such a unique grove, perfectly channeling the boho-hippie vibe, looking incredible wherever she goes. From caramel to bleach blond hair, this model is forever making a lot of fashion lovers jealous with envy over her amazing style.
WOOLALA!! I am lost for words on this checkered Fur coat!! I mean, have you ever seen anything like this before? Pairing it with dark green, burgundy and black tones, two words: Ultra-Fashionable. And this Fendi Satchel? Abbey definitely learned a few tricks from the big fashion moguls of this world.

I love that Abbey pulls off an outfit wearing the same coat and bag. She's not one of those celebrities who only wears an outfit once! If you truly know how to style yourself than you know how to wear the same items in different ways! I love the printed leggings (I think they're from HM?) with the light blue boots. And those maxi skirts with black boots look like the perfect item to wear!!
Now this is what I call a Fashion couple. The pair looks incredible, each in their own style without doing the whole matchy matchy thing that couples do. Musician Matthew Hutchinson is probably one of the only guys who I've seen wear polka dots in a fashionable way, and Abbey's boho mix of dark yellow, denim and black just works like perfection.
It's so much more easier to dress in the fall because you have so much choice with sweaters, layering, tights, pants... But Abbey carries her classic black boots through all seasons. Looking ultra trendy in a white shirt and denim skirt or in a gorgeous blue dress. Terrible influence.... I feel like going shopping Vintage right now...
I can't stop saying it but it's undeniably true: her style is sooo COOL. She manages to match the seemingly unmatchable items daring to try things that people normally wouldn't wear together. I think that this is definitely a new trend: MATCHING THE UNMATCHABLE!!! By the way these Chanel cuffs are so artsy...follow the trend, wear it with anything...