Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fixing, Mixing, Printing?
Thinking outside the box, trying out things you never would have thought of wearing before, dressing up outside of your comfort zone, that`s what Fashion is all about. Don`t be afraid of mixing prints with color, and going for a different structure in the look. It`s time to gravitate to the more edgy style rather then sticking with the habitual floral print.
The Label went for their unusual structured look mix matching unmatchable colors with gray, black and white. Marni, which is already recognized as having one of the more edgier ready to wear looks definitely live up to their name with this UNIQUE and DIFFERENT collection.
Street Style, Comics, Colour, Urban is what Dolce&Gabbana went for this look, proving that men can wear FUR and celebrating this YOUNG collection with style.
PRADA brought the stripes back with black! Mixing colors and fixing with furs, cool hand bags, shoes and Sunglasses, this is the ultimate COOL collection.
This trend made me discover new things in terms of style and things to try out. Inspiration comes by trying things out, and not being afraid of the RIDICULE, be your own fashion superhero!

I am absolutely in love with this black and White Marni Bag!! I feel like it can go well with anything, and make everything look trendy! Don`t stop the creativeness to the clothes!! Often a great pair of shoes and a bag are what completes an outfit and make it look irresistible!!

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