Friday, 17 June 2011


This season you want to shine, you want to stand out, you want to be bold, you want to be edgy and the perfect fashion attribute to that state of mind is the COLOURS. This trend applies not only to the clothing department but to Beauty and Accessories!!
Designer Jil Sanders found the right equation by putting the maxi skirts and colour trends in one original collection. She proved that men can also pull off the look by layering pastel colours. I say A+ for that collection!
Guerlain brought the trend to beauty or is the other way around? Supermodel Natalia Vladianova looks amazing in that pastel lipstick, it makes me want to try it on!
I adapted the trend myself with a pair of hot red pants paired with a vintage leather belt, a simple pink tank and burgundy Aldo shoes. To offset the colours, I added a white vintage shoulder bag. White goes with everything, it's the new black this summer!
Labels Gucci and DKNY were also inspired by the trend for their spring collections. I love the gold touch Gucci used for their collection. The use of satin is dangerous but worth it. The idea of  mixing bold and darker colours like the green and the purple brings the trend to another level. Donna Karan went for simple and casual in her spring look.
 How can we forget the shoes?! The Christian Dior Maison de Couture came up with brilliant and eccentric pairs of heels. They look soo cool you just can't get your eyes away from them!!

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