Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Butterfly Effect
It's the beginning of summer and new butterfly's are living their short lives of the moment. Monarchs are taking a break before they start their long and heroic migration in the fall. Designer's have captured this beatifull gift of nature and have showed it off to the fashion world on the runways.
I am lost for words admiring Sarah Burton's magnificent work for Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Art is affiliated to Fashion and Mrs Burton shoes how well they work hand in hand together in this collection. I would be so scared to touch it and at most to wear it, so beautiful and delicate it looks, mastering the butterfly effect to the perfection.
Sarah Burton went all the way  by making the shoes part of the butterfly look. The details on the heel of the shoe should be exposed in a museum. She makes butterflies look good on shoes, as weird as this sounds...
German Vogue marked the butterfly season in their June/July 2011 Issue.
Butterfly's are on the streets, and they are now taking human form!! As I caught an artist doing body painting on the streets during a local festival in Toronto. This is definitely an inspirational for a runway collection...Or maybe a new trend? You never know with Fashion...
Bluemarine went for the flowy and romatic dresses with butterfly prints. Although there's nothing really romantic in the look...Maybe it's because the dresses are too long, or they need more accessorizing with long thin necklaces, a large hat and bangles to turn it to more of a boho look, that's probably how I would wear it.

I love this old Alexander McQueen look. It's so different from anything that I've seen before. I love how they went for a whole MORPH look, more avant-garde, more inhuman, more insect, but yet something you could wear on a night out.

And of course Victoria Secret has butterfly's of their own, with beautiful Miranda Kerr, anyone could definitely rock this look down the streets or in their bedrooms!

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