Monday, 13 June 2011

Upcoming artist: KAYLA!!

I had the opportunity to assist backstage on the set of new upcoming music artist Kayla. She was styled with the famous Garde Del Avante Jewellery!!
Kayla is here wearing the Feather Bone Earring, loove it!! Looks amazing with her blond hair!

 I shot a picture of Kayla with Garde Del Avante's Stylish Designer Naanafya. Great mix with studded Zara boots, lace tights, denim shorts and a Vintage Biker Jacket. Naana really pulls off the glasses making Geek look hardcore Rock! Kayla is wearing Garde Del Avante's Bubble Gum Necklace perfectly matched with a silver dress.

 The Singer with her impeccable entourage getting ready for the photoshoot..

 Kayla with Naanafya and Stylist Jay at the photoshoot.

Here I am (in red) with the whole crew at the end of the shoot with Kayla!
Kayla's new hit "Step on It" ft. Lil Jon is heating up the charts!!

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