Tuesday, 21 June 2011

STREET festival
On Sunday, June 19th, the atmosphere was at the party in the Little Italy neighborhood in Toronto!! Strolling down College Street, I tried to snap some shots of this festive moment. From stylish citizens, to singers, palm writers, ice cream and iguana's, everyone was there to enjoy the beautiful day!

 Everyone had their own little business going on, each trying to get the customer's attention. I mean I was pretty tempted by Psychic Gina and the Oysters...But I ended up with lemonade.. I was to chicken to hold on to the iguana..
And of course whenever there is a festival, there is always some interesting Fashion going on...
 Very cute maxi dress, so easy to put on, comfortable yet stylish, that's what summer fashion is all about!
Perfectly matching with white shorts, runners and a simple dress shirt. This city boy saved the tennisman look by pairing it with a Gucci bag and corky glasses.
And the Balenciaga will off course never go out of style, it can make a casual outfit look trendy and fashionsmart.
 Again another smart look by pairing a hot pink shoulder bag with a white and neutral outfit. It makes the whole ensemble interesting and fun rather than just plain and boring.
 This dude perfectly pulls off the dangerous multicolored T-shirt with the light blue shoes and black jeans.Peace!
And here we are!! I am pairing a sequined dress-turned-skirt with a cool printed T-shirt from Forever XXI, a Chanel bag and to casual it up, I wore a pair of black converse. My sister is wearing a beautiful (I made her buy it) HM dress that looks like a D&G. Soo romantic!

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