Thursday, 9 June 2011

When you think rock&roll, you think Elvis Presley, The Killers, Jimmy Hendrix, Joan Jett and it doesn't end..
When the Fashion people think Rock & Roll, they think Balmain, Givenchy in the 2009 collections, Rock & Republic and the fashion houses inspired by the music genre doesn't end...
The Rock attitude used to be established by a rebellious and confident personality. Nowadays, it's become a classic. It's a trend, and it's sooo FASHION.
Balmain is one of my favorite designers. I love how Pierre Decarnin's collection is comprised of tie-dye colors with neutral makeup. The mix highlights the dark and silver attitude which makes the look ultra stylish. The designer has impressed quite a few when showing off how rock can also be dressed up:
Givenchy showed a different side of the trend with oversize bling. Which, oddly enough, makes rock look elegant:

Rock on the runway is certainly priceless, but how do the real people wear the trend?
Less colour on the streets... But we notice that there is always a studded belt to add a twist.
Dc Martens are also a cool item to have and I am absolutely in aw in front of the white ones.
Celebrities have also cached the movement and the one who should win the trophy is definitely Taylor Momsen. She makes Leather Cutouts look so good!! It almost makes me want to cut my leather pants... But winter in Canada is way to cold...
 Rocker Joan Jett definetly chanels the real rock&roll style, living it, singing it and dressing it!

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