Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Toronto Street Fashion

Another day out in Toronto!! Once again I am immortalizing Toronto's streetwear fashion! I have spotted numerous different styles and trends dans la rue. Vive Streetwear Fashion!
I love the mix of knee length floral skirt paired with lace up Mimosa booties and black T-shirt. Vintage clothing with high healed shoes is the Fashion.
Tv personality Kaitlyn Regehr played it right with nude heels, black shorts and tank top with an embellished colored scarf and jean jacket. A perfect casual stylish ensemble.

I couldn't help but notice the fashionable flat hat a city girl was wearing. Definetly a must-have for the summer. A few celebrities have already adapted the trend like stylish Vanessa Hudgens

I was also drawn to Tie dye tights with light blue cowboy boots a woman was wearing down the street. Definitely an eye catching attire!!

This is probably my favorite outfit of the bunch. The thigh highs, the black and white stripes, the brown crocodile purse, the black fedora, la cigarette...There's so much going on but yet so perfectly put together it's a fashion heart attack!! J'ADORE !!

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