Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What's Fashion in Toronto???

So as I was walking down Queen Street, the voguish Toronto area known for its artistic and stylish urban vibe, I obviously encountered some of the hip and trendy youth of Toronto. I couldn't help but to cease the occasion by immortalizing those fashionable moments to share with my readers. I can say that I was definitely impressed by the outfits that some trendy people were wearing. Let's take a look:

I love the mix of the large polka doted sweater matched to the cool fedora this city girl is wearing. This outfit brings Polka dots back in style and Yellow is so mellow for this season...
Greece is in Canada!!Super chill outfit paired with funky green shoes to had a twist. This outfit makes summer look HOT.
Chic & french are the two words that come up when I see this shot. Chanel flats+ Louis Vuitton Speedy+Zara leopard print= What I call la perfection!!
Who said that guys couldn't pull off prints? I think that this proves us wrong....Even with a touch of color, we still can't go wrong...
Love the Chloe Sevigny look that's going on: High-waisted shorts with black tank and retro sunglasses is a classic everyday look.
Now this gives us some ideas... The whole fashion package comes in double and it's fierce. Fresh summer outfit perfect for a summer day out. Fedoras are a must have of the season... for boys and girls!!
Sooo Cute!!Printed  loose jumper with black Prada-like shoes. Im-pe-ccable!!

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